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Quotes and assessments entail a $40 fee. This fee is later deducted from the total amount when you book.

Absolute Aircon Cleaning - Affordable Inspection fee & Quotes

We charge a $40 assessment fee on Air Con Cleaning when we come out and quote our job. The $40 fee is deducted from the total amount of the job, should you chose our services.

Absolute Aircon Cleaning Australia offers comprehensive Air Conditioner cleaning services across 5 states.
We specialise in cleaning and sanitising split systems, window units, ceiling cassette units and even ducted units.

After our air-conditioning cleaning team comes to see you, your air is fresh and healthy, reducing sickness and helping you live a healthier life.

Just like our other professional aircon cleaning services, our air conditioner cleaning process was designed with your health and comfort in mind. It thoroughly clears your unit of contaminants, helping it to operate at optimum efficiency.

A professionally cleaned air conditioner means healthier indoor air quality, 22% less power consumption and better cooling power!

Air con Cleaning Perth & Australia at prices lower than the competition!

Absolute Air Con Cleaning Australia.

A lot of our happy clients have been looking for affordable air conditioner cleaning services.

How Much Does Air Con Cleaning Cost in Australia?

Split System Air Conditioner

Split System Internal Unit $129
Split System Internal and External Unit $179
2nd Unit Internal Only $109
2nd Unit Internal and External $159

Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted (up to 6 outlets) Internal Only $299
Ducted (up to 6 outlets) Internal and External Unit $399
Ducted (up to 7-12 outlets) Internal Only $349
Ducted (up to 7-12 outlets) Internal and External $449

Air Con Cleaning Services

If you need your air conditioners clean and fix, call a local Air Con cleaning expert you can trust.

Air Quality Inspection

Air Con Cleaning services test air quality to determine if your air conditioners are working properly.

Air Con Cleaning

Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning is vital for your health.

Why Choose Us


We provide a first-class Air Con cleaning services in Australi that you and your family can rely on.

Our 35 years of industry experience have taught that clean and fresh air is vital and we are making sure your air conditioner cleaning Melbourne is the best and cleanest it can be.

Let us take care of your air conditioners so that you’ll have clean air 24/7.


Safe & Secure

We only use industry tested products and the highest quality equipment.


Emergency Callout

We understand that your aircon cleaning request is urgent and provide immediate quotes.


Low Cost

We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to locals of Australia.

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We had our 7 year old split system cleaned, for the first time ever. David was punctual, explained what he was doing, and left no mess. Price was $99 as agreed, and great value in my opinion. The difference in air quality (and improvement in asthma) was impressive. In future we will have David come every year or two.
Eleanor Roberts
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Excellent service. A very thorough air con cleaning at a fair price. The two ac units at my house had not been cleaned in about 3 years and they now run like new and the air quality is fantastic. I would highly recommend them
Mike Li
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We had such a great experience with Absolute aircon cleaning who cleaned our air conditioning unit. David was very thorough and professional - also super friendly and reliable. We managed to book him in immediately so no need to wait to get the mould cleaned away. The air in our apartment feels much cleaner already and we wish we had done it sooner!
Matt Yap
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David did a great job cleaning our window type unit that wouldn't have been cleaned for 4 years. Was so must dust and mould inside and now it works like new. We used to have it on 18 degrees and it wouldn't feel cold now we have it on 22 and its great.

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Air Con Cleaning FAQ


The indoor air conditioner unit has air filters that need regular cleaning. Australia manufacturers usually recommend that you clean the filters every few weeks, but it really depends how often you use the air conditioner. Simply put, the more you use it, the more often you should clean the filters.

There are also times when power might go off abruptly meaning they have to wait for it to continue working which might also take some time. General aircon servicing usually take 20 – 30 minutes per unit, chemical cleaning at about 30 minutes per unit and aircon chemical overhaul takes about 1 hour per unit.

Mix up your cleaning solution. In the spray bottle, combine 2 cups of water, a cup of bleach and 4 drops of liquid dish detergent. Remove the air filter, remove the A/C unit grill, spray the interior with the mold-killing spray, wipe out the interior of the unit, scrub the grill and put the air conditioner back together.

To clean a split air conditioner, place an aircon bag, which can be purchased online, around the bottom part of the AC to catch runoff. Once in position, you can spray coil cleaning spray onto the cooling fins’ surface, rotary blades, and coils. For the best clean, leave the spray on for 10-20 minutes.

Find and remove your air conditioner’s condensation drain line. Flush the line with bleach and hot water, or with undiluted distilled white vinegar if you don’t want to use bleach to kill any fungi, mold or mildew that may be in the line. Allow the line to dry.

Take your spray bottle, vinegar and water. Mix ½ water and ½ vinegar inside the bottle. Shake the solution well, and apply it to the evaporator coil and condenser coil. Vinegar will not harm the parts and is a very effective cleaner.

Having evaporator and condenser coils cleaned could cost between $100 and $400 in Australia. If your coils can be accessed in-place, you’ll be looking at a lower service cost. If your technician needs to remove them first, the cost should be around $400.

Air conditioning sickness starts where air conditioners and bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew meet. If your home or office is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria growth or a regularly unvacuumed space, an air conditioner will only circulate the sickness-inducing allergens that are already present.

When Auto clean is enabled, the indoor air blower works at full speed for a few minutes so that any moisture within the indoor unit gets blown away or get evaporated. Using the Auto clean feature once every few days will help in preventing rusting of the evaporator coil and growth of harmful microorganisms within the AC.

Maintain the drain pans. If the drain pans are not sloped and cleaned regularly, standing water won’t be able to drain through the deep seal trap and will accumulate in the drain pans. Replace air filters regularly, apply an HVAC mold inhibitor, use a disinfectant, keep ducts dry and check the air intakes.