Does the Air conditioner clean the air?

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Indoor air quality is ten times more polluted than outside. AC misunderstood as one air con cleaning Brisbane indoor air pollution. The air conditioning unit with an air filter can provide clean air, but not for a long time. The air filter in the air conditioner was not efficient at clearing small allergens from indoor air. These harmful allergens then swirling around you right now cause life-threatening respiratory disease.

There are several allergens in the air you breathe in your home. Outdoor allergens easily enter your home through a window or door while some are present in the room. Mould allergies can trigger breathing problems indoors because of congestion, especially in children or senior citizens. Particles present lead in the paint also causes chronic asthma attacks and other health hazards. Thus, in a room of the house you can easily contaminate your lungs. It also can cause severe respiratory problems. It is therefore a very important air purifier.

Air conditioning systems would work great to keep your house cool. But not to make your home free of contaminants. There are air conditioners with HEPA filters or air purifiers, but contain a potential health risk.

Here are some facts associated with health risks, with air conditioners.

  • An air conditioner circulates without cleaning more allergens in the air you breathe inside the while adding to his illness. 
  • An air conditioner accumulates mold since it contains moisture. If left uncleaned, then you could trigger severe COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) for members of his family. 
  • Clean air conditioners various indoor allergens, dust and pollen from the air we breathe. The system cooling strips within these allergens and may recirculate back shortly.
  • A gas leak from the air conditioning and refrigerant can create toxic fumes while poisoning the air you breathe indoors.
  • Air-borne diseases like this can cause fatal infectious diseases. It produces a high fever and pneumonia. AC related to the spread of infectious diseases.
  • PM 2.5 particulate matters smaller, unnoticed by the naked eye. The air filter in the air conditioner was not efficient to clean these things from the smallest indoor air. This results in chronic asthma attacks, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

Therefore, it is always safe and wise to invest in an air purifier. It helps clean indoor air pollutants. As it deeply eradicates dangerous contaminants of the air, we breathe indoors. Air purifiers also have an additional benefit of reducing health risks associated with air conditioners. Get a purifier efficient and superior air for your home or apartment stay in the pink of health.

Hicare brings to India, the best-in-class air filtration system HEPA Silent with Swedish giant ‘Blueair purifier’. HEPA air purifiers use the revolutionary technology of air purification, the free indoor air pollutants. We manually choose all our air purifiers to better protect yourself and your family’s health. Not breathing polluted indoor air. Get a Hicare air purifier and breathe fresh air as nature intended. Checkout the benefits of having quality air to breathe.

What does “clean air” mean on an air conditioner?

Some air conditioners have buttons, not commonly seen in other air conditioning units, which is called the “Clean Air”. The purpose of the “Clean Air” is exactly what it sounds like providing clean air. Once the unit is installed, you may have questions about where to find these buttons on your unit, how to use it and what it does.

Some models AC – not all – come with internal electronic air cleaners. When the “Clean Air” feature is enabled, the purifier attracts dirt, such as pollen from the air. Literally clean the air.

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