How do you clean Central Air Conditioning units?

Cleaning your ac unit is an essential part of routine maintenance that will help your machine last longer. As a result, you will face fewer significant repairs and a reduced energy bill. You can clean your ac unit for improved results with a bit of time, patience, and precision.

Cleaning an air conditioner is a challenging job when you’ve never attempted it before. You will keep your air conditioner clean, working, and energy-efficient by following the steps below. For those who might find this too difficult, get a professional to do this for you.

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You need the right supplies.

To clean your air conditioner thoroughly, you’ll need a few things. Gather the following materials before you begin:
• Clean warm water

• Mild soap or detergent

• Soft reusable cloth

• Drip tray to put underneath your appliance

• 3% hydrogen peroxide spray bottle

• Fin comb or soft-bristle brush

• Compressed air

• Screwdriver

Make sure the filter is clean

The most crucial element to keep your window AC unit running smoothly is the filter. Even if you don’t clean the whole unit, it is a great idea to wash the filter once a month.

Make sure your air conditioning system is off before you start working on the unit. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove as much dirt as possible from the filter. Once you finish, wash your filter in wet, soapy water and air dry it. Please wait until it’s completely dry before reinstalling it in your air conditioner.

It’s also a good idea to change the filter in your air conditioner regularly. The exact frequency can vary depending on how much you use your air conditioner and other variables, such as how dusty the conditions are. You can replace your filter every six weeks to six months, depending on these conditions.

1. Clean the exterior grill

Clean the grill with warm water as well as mild detergent while the filter is drying. You can also wipe it down with a soft wet cloth if you don’t want to wash it; it is essential to clean carefully between the holes where air escapes. Before reattaching it, let it dry thoroughly.

Wipe the top and sides of the air conditioner after you’ve washed the grill. Take extra caution when dealing with small spaces where dirt and dust can quickly accumulate. Before turning on the unit, make sure the grill and exterior are completely dry.

2. Clean the fins and coils with a soft cloth.

You don’t have to dust your air conditioner’s fins and coils every time you clean it, but most manufacturers suggest doing so every quarter or semiannually.

To begin, gently comb the fins inside your air conditioner with a fin comb or soft-bristle brush. Take your time with this step because the fins can be sharp and bend easily. If any of the fins are bent, gently shift them back into position. Then, use your compressed air can clean the coils.

3. Empty the tray and clean it out.

Empty the drip tray and clear the drain to complete your window AC unit’s interior. Grab a wet-dry vacuum (if you have one) or a damp cloth and pull out any debris or dirty water accumulated within your tray. Allow it to dry completely before reassembling.

Finally, inspect the drain to see if it is clogged. Wipe the area around the opening with your cloth to ensure there is a clear path for water to escape your device.

4. Clean the machine by reassembling it and spraying it with cleaner.

After you’ve cleaned and dried everything, reassemble the unit and spray it with hydrogen peroxide to prevent mildew growth.

Apply the hydrogen peroxide solution to the places where air flows in and out. Allow the peroxide to dry completely before using your appliance, and you’re finished! You’ll not only breathe healthier, cooler air, but you’ll also prolong the life of your air conditioner.

Last words of advice

Your Air conditioner is not only essential to your needs, but it is also costly. With that in mind, you must treat it with care ensure that it lasts long. There are certain things you SHOULDN’T do when cleaning your unit.

There are various ways to clean your unit, but a pressure washer should never be one of them. These can damage your coil and cause device failure. Moister should never be allowed to enter the deeper workings of your unit. Make an appointment with your nearest technician for a condenser cleaning.

If cleaning your air conditioner seems like too much effort, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. To find credible local service providers who specialise in the cleaning and servicing of air conditioning units. This will save you the heartbreak of a substandard job.

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