Is Aircon Good For Your Health

In summer, many of us can not stand to live without it, but even so, the cold is a modern luxury that sometimes seems odd. “We have a form of heating for a very long time before we ever have air conditioning,” said Dr. While the heat is an absolute necessity for people to live in a cold climate, Cox said, the aircon is more of a newcomer in the controlled climate front. Adding effects Central air conditioning system of your chronic illness is known to enhance the effects of diseases that you may already suffer. Regular Aircon cleaning Brisbane helps get rid of external allergens like pollen.

According to a study by Yale researchers, the use of air conditioning also reduced the risk of hospitalization and death related to cardiovascular problems. “aircon can be provided to reduce the risk of stroke heat and heat-related deaths during heat waves, which are more often with climate change,” said Fisk. Aircon also allows windows to maintain closed systems HQ usually contain filters that clean particles from the air in circulation

This heat intolerance has led to a heat-related death increase during heat waves, which now average 400 deaths each summer.

Also important to avoid asthma triggers is changing the air filter regularly in radiators and air conditioners, according to the Cleveland Clinic. For window units, be sure to do the cleaning and maintenance, and central air conditioning, perform proper maintenance and make sure the air filters are replaced when recommended by the manufacturer. “And do not forget: There are several ways to keep cool, even with fans, roofs costs, efficient windows, energy and the appropriate shade.

Health Benefits of Air Conditioner

To protect yourself, the best defense is the air conditioning unit is well maintained and regularly serviced. (HVAC repairman, you owe this man!) But Mendell is also quick to point out that the air conditioning has been firmly associated with many health benefits. “Public outdoor air pollution in urban environments, and especially in heavy traffic,” he said as one example. “aircon filters out particles of outdoor pollutants.” Exposure to particulate air pollution may increase your risk for hospitalization and premature death due to cardiovascular problems, said Dr. Cooling is definitely one of the greatest health benefits from air conditioning.

What Causes Air Conditioning Sickness?

Air conditioners and cold air they produce are not inherently harmful. As we mentioned earlier, the air conditioning can be very beneficial for people with respiratory problems. Departures cooling were air conditioners and bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew meet.

If your home or office is a breeding ground for the growth of mould and bacteria or space regularly vacuuming, an air conditioner circulates allergens inducing disease that is already present. Air conditioners can help dry a house, but they are not able to treat the root cause of your moldy walls or disorder and floors. As these allergens are airborne, they will cause a stuffy nose, sore throat, and in some cases, difficulty breathing.

Air con itself can be a place for fungus and bacteria to breed if they are not managed properly. As the air pulled over the coil in an air conditioner condensation produced. This moisture can create an ideal environment for bacteria and mold growth if not cleaned regularly.

Another cause of the air conditioning disease is the cold air conditioner. Some different things happen when you do this. First, the cold-causing viruses spread.

According to WebMD, these viruses survive better in low humidity, cold environments created by an air conditioner set at an extremely low temperature. The ultra-cold temperatures also cause the skin to constrict arteries to protect the body against heat loss. This decreases the flow of blood, including white blood cells that protect the body against viruses, making the body more vulnerable to disease. Finally, ultra-dry environments evaporate moisture present in the lining of the nose, making it more susceptible to infection.

Living and working in a very cold environment in Brisbane can also produce shivering in the long term that gives you headaches, makes you tired and causes muscle and joint pain.

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