How do you know if your evaporator is clogged?

A basic air conditioning system consisting of coils or coil evaporators inside cooling and condensing the open air (which may be either air or water cooled).

Each part of the operating system must work properly to do the job efficiently cooling.

The coils are the parts of the system where heat transfer takes place and dirt on a coil forms a barrier to heat transfer – effectively insulating the coil. Heavy dirt accumulation can also clog the coil and reduce airflow.

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Dirty, clogged coils can cause many varied problems:

  • Reduced heat transfer
  • Decreased cooling capacity
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Increased operating pressures and temperatures
  • Increased wear on the system, which can lead to component damage, system malfunctions and reduced life expectancy
  • Reduced energy efficiency
  • Poor indoor air quality and potential for contamination (evaporators only)

Before you start your Air conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast task, it is important to note that a high-pressure cleaner high-impact should not be used to clean air conditioning coils. The water pressures are involved, can easily damage the delicate coil fins; and it is also very easy to push debris further back into the device and out of sight, making it more difficult to remove.

Low pressure systems such as specially designed for the job and avoid our own hydraulic sprayer coil cleaner applicator with the house pressure washer in connection with one of the physical damage.

Coil Aircon Cleaning

Super Clean is a high-performance capacitor cleaner with strong foaming action. Because it is heavy, it is particularly suitable if a device is dirty or not operated for a longer period or in use.

Before starting with the cleaning job, you must wear the recommended personal protective equipment to ensure that in this case includes safety glasses and a pair of gloves.

Because Super Clean is a concentrated product, it must first be mixed with water. Combine it with the relationship of both two Superclean three parts water.

The easiest way to measure mixture and the liquids add directly into the hydraulic sprayer. Generally warm (but not hot) water faster cleaning provides a reaction.

Because Super Clean is a foam cleaner, it is recommended to start at the bottom of the coils and work on and up with the hydraulic sprayer. If you start at the top, the foam would naturally run down the coil. It is very difficult to say what to do or has not been cleaned.

Once Super Clean has been applied in this way, you should 10 minutes for foaming action waiting to do its job. They begin to take place to the chemical reaction, to see: the foam develops as they push the dirt and debris from the center of the coil to the outside.

Then the coils should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water. This time, though, it is recommended to rinse from the top to the bottom so you’re not washing dirt onto cleaned areas below. It’s important to rinse thoroughly with water, so no residual product is left to react when you’re away from the unit. 

Gentler alternatives for Aircon Cleaning

When an engineer, it does not take a powerful, heavy cleaner to use, ENVIROCOIL may be a preferred alternative. Also try to checkout for the most common aircon problem.

ENVIROCOIL is a universal coil cleaner, which is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and suitable for use inside and outdoors. It is gentler than Super Clean and ideal for systems that are regularly maintained.

Stress-free direct spray coil cleaner

EasyFoam is another strong foaming condenser cleaner, but it comes in a convenient, easy-to-use, ready-mixed aerosol. It is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and for use on deep, multi-row capacitors.

The main advantage of EasyFoam is that it is much faster and more efficient to use than concentrated cleaner because it is not pre-mixed on site.

You also do not need to use a low pressure hydraulic sprayer – instead spray EasyFoam directly on the coils. As it should be rinsed after use at the Super Clean.

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