What are the symptoms of a dirty coil?

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Air conditioning is designed to remove heat from the air. The order of the evaporator is to take advantage of the cold refrigerant in its liquid state. Since warm air flows along the evaporator coil, it collects the heat from the air and makes it cool. The cold air is then circulated by the time cabin.

Two specific components that make up the evaporator: the core and the coil. If problems occur, in most cases it is created by leaks between these two parts. Since the AC evaporator constant pressure required heat to effectively remove a leak is usually the most common cause of a malfunction, air con cleaning Brisbane is then requires. As such, when a large AC evaporator leak is detected, replacement is the best course of action.

Symptoms of a bad or failing Evaporator air conditioning

Like most problems CA, the first indicator of a damaged AC evaporator is poor performance. From the evaporator AC is the main part that removes heat from the air. Failure is quite simple to determine. However, there are 4 other warning signs of a damaged AC evaporator:

  1. Cold air is weak or no cold air blows at all When the AC coil or evaporator core is leaking, it will affect the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Generally speaking, the greater the leakage, the cooling capacity is reduced.
  2. You notice a strange smell when the air conditioning system is used If the AC evaporator is leaking, a small amount of refrigerant (not refrigerant) will leak from the coil, the core, or seals. This will produce a sweet scent, which could get more intense when the air conditioner is on.
  3. The air conditioning compressor will not activate The compressor is intended to circulate refrigerant through the evaporator. It depends on maintaining a predetermined pressure to operate. Thus, if there is a leak, the pressure is reduced in the system and the compressor will not activate.
  4. Temperature AC will vary – If the air conditioning evaporator has a small leak, it can continue to cool the air. However, if the temperature is not consistent, it is a possible indicator of a broken air conditioner evaporator.

What are the main causes of an AC evaporator leak?

There are a few sources of an AC evaporator leak. Some easy to see from them, and others require a detailed diagnosis:

  • Damaged outer Seal – Most leaks due to a damaged outer seal on the evaporator core.
  • Corrosion – It is also quite common for leaking corrosion inside the evaporator core seals. Corrosion occurs when debris finds a way in the air inlet such as dirt caused by damaged or blocked air filter causes.
  • The connection between the coil spring and Core – Another is the connection between the AC evaporator coil and the core. If a leak is detected, the replacement of the evaporator AC is the correct course of action. Checkout energy.gov for more info.

Some shade tree mechanics try to use a sealant to repair a leak, but it is always a temporary solution, and generally creates additional problems with the AC system – so we do not recommend this type of quick fix.

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