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Many Australians focus on cleaning visible areas in their homes and offices, from the kitchen sink to the hardwood floors. Nobody ever looks at the air conditioning because all that matters is the cool air it circulates, right? Not exactly.

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Air conditioning is delicate as it deals with the air you, your family, friends, and colleagues breathe. Did you know that it can accumulate dirt and threaten your respiratory system?

Not to worry, Top Aircon Cleaning has the best air conditioning cleaning experts in Hobart for that very reason. We utilise high-quality products and proven methods to ensure the clean and safe air you breathe.

A lot of our happy clients live near Farm Gate Market and Tasmanian Museum.

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Benefits of Air Conditioner Cleaning in Hobart

Air conditioning cleaning ensures that all your health is safe as you breathe in high-quality air. Still, there are several other upsides to cleaning your unit, which are:

Improves the efficiency of your Air conditioning

As more dust particles accumulate in your air conditioner, it becomes harder for the system to circulate cool air. That is due to the pressure and stress that dust particles and debris put on your unit. A thorough cleaning of the filter enables cool air to circulate at its optimum rate.

Cuts down the electricity cost

A dirty unit will have to do more work to cool your home due to the accumulation of debris and articles in the system as they slow it down. These additional efforts can add between 5% to 25% more to your electricity bill. Cleaning the system can save you some dollars in the long run.

Improves the air quality

As earlier stated, leaving your air conditioner dirty means there will be an accumulation of dust. This dust provides a suitable breeding ground for germs, fungi, bacteria, and moulds.

Unknowingly, your family will be inhaling these organisms that are detrimental to your health. They can lead to respiratory problems and trigger asthma. Air conditioner cleaning eliminates that risk and improves the air quality in your home.

Is Cost-effective

We recommend air conditioner cleaning in Hobart, TAS regardless of whether your unit seems to be working fine. Leaving dust and debris to accumulate could lead to more expensive repairs in the future or, worse, a complete replacement of your air conditioner.

Our Air Conditioner Cleaning Process In Hobart, TAS

Our expert team is equipped with high-quality products and proven solutions to clean your unit.

How Much Does Aircon Cleaning Cost in Hobart?

The cost of cleaning your air conditioning depends on your specific unit and whether it is a residential or commercial system. At Top Aircon Cleaning, we strive to provide the best air conditioning cleaning in Hobart at an affordable price.

1st internal unit $229
Extra internal unit(s) $189
Optional external unit $50

Types Of Air Conditioners We Clean In Hobart

Ducted Units

Ducted units are air conditioning cleaning Hobart, Tasmania where cool air is sent to various rooms through ducts from a central location where the air is treated. This system is common in large areas like shopping malls or workplaces but can also be found in many Australian homes.

Our qualified technicians handle duct heating cleaning in your building from the central location and across the ductwork.

Split System Units

As the name implies, a split system consists of two units – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit absorbs heat while the outdoor unit pumps cool air into the indoor unit and thus your building.

We clean the ac air vent and ensure that the system works properly with only clean, cool air coming in.

Multi Split System Units

Unlike the split system, a multi-split system utilises one compressor to cool multiple rooms simultaneously. This means that multiple indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit.

It may seem complicated; however, our technicians can clean every nook and cranny of your multi-split system units with our years of expertise.

Commercial And Residential Air Conditioners Cleaning Hobart

You should prioritise the cleanliness of residential air conditioners. This is because you also sleep with these units and wouldn’t want any health-associated problems.

You may want to perform the cleaning yourself; however, we do not recommend such. Our highly trained technicians are better positioned to clean your residential air conditioners’ filters, coils, etc., as we perform technical cleaning and maintenance.

Also, commercial air conditioning systems are just as important as they are exposed to you and your customers. Not to mention that Government Health and Safety checks may include clean air conditioning systems.

Top Aircon Cleaning has quality technicians on the ground to thoroughly aircon pressure washer clean both your commercial and residential air conditioning systems in Hobart.

What Brands Do We Service?

We understand that each brand manufactures its air conditioners uniquely, and we have taken the time to study and understand all the intricacies of the following air conditioning brands.

  • Carrier 
  • York 
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Daikin 
  • Toshiba 
  • Sharp 
  • Panasonic 
  • Lg
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu

About Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the capital and most populous city of Tasmania. Hobart has the following transportation facilities to navigate around the city: Hobart International Airport, Derwent River Ferry, Cambridge Aerodrome

Hobart Aircon Cleaning Services

If you need your air conditioners clean and fix, call a local air con cleaning Hobart expert you can trust.

Air Quality Inspection

Air Conditioning Cleaning services test air quality to determine if your air conditioning units are working properly.

Aircon Cleaning Protects Your Health

Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning service is vital for your health.

Why Choose Top Aircon Cleaning Provider


We provide a first-class Aircon cleaning services in Hobart that you and your family can rely on.

Our 35 years of industry experience have taught that clean and fresh air is vital and we are making sure your air conditioners are releasing clean air.

Let us take care of your air conditioners so that you’ll have clean air 24/7.


Safe & Secure

We utilise industry-tested products and the highest quality equipment to clean your air conditioners with proven solutions thoroughly.


Emergency Callout

We make it a matter of urgency to provide you with a suitable quote in response to your air conditioning cleaning request.


Low Cost

We provide high-quality solutions at a low cost and pass the savings to the locals of Australia.

1 year ago
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We had our 7 year old split system cleaned, for the first time ever. David was punctual, explained what he was doing, and left no mess. Price was $159 as agreed, and great value in my opinion. The difference in air quality (and improvement in asthma) was impressive. In future we will have David come every year or two.

Raven H.
1 year ago
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Very happy with the Top's service and competitive pricing. Prompt and courteous. thankyou

Lauren Lindsell
1 year ago
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David installed a split system in my new home. He’s reliable, trustworthy, prompt and helpful. I highly recommend Top's service.

Taylor S.
1 year ago
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Excellent service. The team were friendly and efficient. David was very helpful with prompt service. I would not hesitate to recommend his company again.

Eleanor Roberts
9 months ago
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Excellent service. A very thorough air con cleaning at a fair price. The two ac units at my house had not been cleaned in about 3 years and they now run like new and the air quality is fantastic. I would highly recommend them

Mike Li
9 months ago
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We had such a great experience with Top aircon cleaning who cleaned our air conditioning unit. David was very thorough and professional - also super friendly and reliable. We managed to book him in immediately so no need to wait to get the mould cleaned away. The air in our apartment feels much cleaner already and we wish we had done it sooner!

Matt Yap
7 months ago
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David did a great job cleaning our window type unit that wouldn't have been cleaned for 4 years. Was so must dust and mould inside and now it works like new. We used to have it on 18 degrees and it wouldn't feel cold now we have it on 22 and its great.

Eisen Joshi
5 months ago
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Highly recommend Top Aircon Cleaning. Service was great, great price, great workmanship.

Simon K
5 months ago
Read More

Great service and price, punctual and would definitely recommend for those looking air con cleaning service.

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Air Conditioning Cleaning FAQ


You should have your air conditioners regularly to ensure their continuous efficiency and eliminate germs, bacteria and mould build-up. A professional technician from Top Aircon Cleaning will need to be contacted for a thorough cleaning.

It typically takes 20-30 minutes for a general service per unit, 30 minutes for an aircon chemical cleaning in Brisbane, and could take up to one hour for an aircon chemical overhaul. However, the duration of your aircon cleaning depends on the power at the time; an abrupt blackout will call for a pause in the cleaning process.

To clean split air conditioner, place an aircon bag around the bottom part of the AC to catch runoff. Then you can spray coil cleaning onto the cooling fins’ surface, coils and rotary blades. Leave the spray for 10-20 minutes for the best cleaning.

You will need to clean all the portions of your air conditioner Hobart, TAS that may be causing the smell. Use hot water, bleach, or undiluted white vinegar to flush the unit’s condensation drain line. Allow it to dry. Clean the drain pan and replace the air filter. 

A dirty air conditioner can cause respiratory problems in humans and trigger asthma. This is due to the dirty unit’s mould, fungi, and other harmful organisms.

You can clean your AC filters within the indoor unit every two weeks. However, you should hire the services of a professional air conditioner cleaner like Top every 12 months.

A dirty air conditioner coil will cause a drop in the system pressure, and it will take longer to cool your room. The accumulation of dirt on the coil may cause it to freeze (check your AC manual on how to locate it). And you may notice a rise in your electricity bills due to the increased runtime of your air conditioner.

To ensure that your air conditioner is working at its optimum and minimises electricity bills and energy usage, you should clean your AC coils at least once a year. You should contact our technicians for skilled and thorough cleaning.