How often should Air Conditioning systems be serviced?

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The time interval between services for Air Conditioning systems is unfortunately not the same for every application. The general guideline is once every 12 months, at a minimum.

The greatest variant depends on the environment that the Air Source Heat Pump system is working within. Conditions can change dramatically from an industrial building, to offices, homes or clean rooms. Each situation needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

If you are unsure please contact us today and we can discuss and advise on a personal level. Top air con cleaning Gold Coast is available for servicing any make of professionally installed Air Conditioning system within Perth Australia.

Benefits of regular cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning units.

If the filters in the air conditioning unit inside are blocked or dirty this will inhibit airflow and efficiency of the cover, which ultimately means that the compressor to the outdoors have to work longer to the desired room temperature.

Therefore it is meaning that the system efficient heat pump energy beautifully capable of operating at A +++ is probably not running at such a high level of efficiency.

The user is advised to clean the internal filters every two to four weeks. Once the filters were removed from the indoor unit can be cleaned either by washing with water or with an aspirator (on low setting).

The outdoor condensing unit will also benefit from some attention.

The device must be checked that it is clear of vegetation overgrown, which could limit the air flow by reducing energy efficiency. Plants and weeds can also find their way into the outdoor unit and in some cases, become tangled around the fan to stop running. This was the situation a customer is at the end of October 2017. The air conditioning system has not been used for a while and when they need heating in the workshop during a morning special cold in October found that their system would not work!

Is to check another point that it placed no physical obstacles near the outdoor unit. how, etc., when placed too close to the unit limit things garbage cans, dumpsters, shed again by the air flow. As an example, if the indoor unit in cooling the outdoor unit produces heat, and when a commercial garbage bin is placed in front of the outdoor unit, it runs the risk of overheating and a malfunction has occurred. For more details air conditioning heating and cooling system visit

These are all simple things that most people check and perform for themselves. But regular maintenance by a company F-Gas Registered Air conditioning is strongly recommended to a minimum of 12 months

What detergent can I clean my air conditioner?

Please do not use detergent into the interior of the air conditioner to clean. When you click the inner disc or on the sides of the unit pollution please see us first. If a system has, can not develop to run for a while shape, which require the services of an air service technician. The indoor unit may for about 30 minutes by heating in the system to be dried, thereby any moisture allowed to dry effectively remains in the system. If the system is in cooling for a period of time in operation, it could also be from a switch benefiting mode for 30-60 minutes warming the chance of mold to dry and reduce to develop environmental control device within the interior.

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