Is it better to run AC all day or just at night?

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We all asked at some point, usually after coming home in a stuffy house on a long hot summer day: Did you really save energy by closing your air conditioner when you went to work, or is it better just run it at the same temperature setting throughout the day? Having air conditioner Cleaning Brisbane service is important for it will make your AC work effectively and will also save you electricity bills.

It may seem like a waste of energy to turn your Air conditioner on and off, but it’s saving you a fair amount of money. Air conditioning systems operate most efficiently when they are at full speed execution in progress.

So while your unit may initially make more noise cooling a space below 80 to 75 degrees, working all day at a slower rate of power, it requires more energy in general. They are also better for dehumidifying your home when going to stop.

If you have central air conditioning – or a window unit with a thermostat – can also save energy by adjusting the thermostat a little higher. ACEEE estimates that air conditioners use 3% to 5% less energy for every degree you raise the thermostat. For best energy savings, leave your thermostat set at 78 degrees or higher while you’re out. 

Here are some other ways to keep cool and save energy score more this summer:

1. Buy a programmable thermostat.

You turn off or central air turns the set temperature when you are away from home, a programmable thermostat can mount Nest as the factor to cool before you go home. This way, your home will be comfortable when you walk in the door.

You must buy a thermostat that suits both your cooling and heating your systems. Some models do not work with heat pumps, which can be a problem in winter, check with whoever installed or service your system. If you use a window unit, an appliance timer can serve a similar purpose and newer models may include a timer and a thermostat.

2. Buy a ceiling fan.

Fans do not necessarily cool a room, but air moves through the skin, making it feel cooler at a higher temperature. This allows you to adjust the upper thermostat without sacrificing comfort.

Because of that, however, it is a waste of energy to make a ceiling fan hoping that will keep your house cool during his absence.

3. Plant the bushes.

Large shrubs planted with shade in the south and west sides of your home will reduce the heat during the day.

4. Create crosswinds.

The easiest way to cool a house is to open a window, but not much. The less you open more than one project that will create, and can also be a natural air freshener.

You can create cross breezes in a one-story house or a single room for lower blade cracking a window, and another is on top of the sheet. If you live in a two-story, open a window on the first floor of a crack and another upstairs window on the opposite side of the house. Windows experiment to see which works best and how much to open them.

Can I run my Air Con 24/7?

The answer is no, you should not run your air conditioner 24/7. According to several sources, the operation of your device puts constant stress on the air conditioner and large amounts of energy waste. Most environmental groups suggest raising the thermostat temperature and adding to its cooling fans home cooling. Checkout on how you can save more with your air conditioner. 

A smart thermostat can also be a godsend for those hot summer months. Setting your thermostat to work harder when you are at home and let the censor do it’s job while you are gone can save on cooling costs and repairs. 

It is also advisable to lower the air conditioning if you go for extended periods of time. If you have pets who will stay at home during your absence, it is probably wise to have the air conditioning for your comfort, but not be blowing.

Remember that your air conditioner is not an all-or-nothing risk. Be smart about using it and will stay comfortable and save money.

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